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Mens Golf Socks

Sometimes the conventional wisdom is flat out wrong. For eons the basic sense was that men’s golf socks should be nice and thick to provide cushioning as the golfer treks up and down the fairways. Now we know that those thick and bulky socks would bunch up inside the golf shoe causing all kinds of discomfort. Now, specially designed material wicks away the sweat generated by feet. The much thinner material provides the perfect layer preventing blisters and increasing comfort. Get some new socks and make your feet happy!

Smartwool Cable II Womens Socks
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Smartwool Cable II Womens Socks


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What Socks do Golfers Wear?

  • Low cut: Sometimes not even visible as they fit nicely inside golf shoes, these socks expose the ankle. The lightest of the options, these work best with shorts. The color is irrelevant and strictly a matter of personal taste.
  • Ankle height: Covering the ankle is sometimes the preferred height with shorts. Sometimes golfers find themselves on less than ideal ground to hit a shot. Protecting the ankle from twigs, weeds and even longer grass is desirable to some.
  • Crew length: Usually only worn with long pants, these extend upto mid-calf. They can really dress up a look in the clubhouse or restaurant after the round is over.
  • Knee length: Rarely seen today. However, certain throwback events where plus fours are the uniform of the day will really need knee length socks to look right.

What Makes a Good Golf Sock?

Several factors go into selecting the right sock for you.

  • Get the right size. You will want the sock to fit snuggly but not too tight. If your golf shoes are already on the tight side, you will want the thinnest sock possible.

  • Find a fabric that wicks away moisture. The old style pure cotton sock would absorb sweat just fine. But then that moisture would stay lodged against the skin creating all kinds of issues like fungus or even blisters. Poly or poly blend socks are generally the best at moving moisture. Merino wool or bamboo are also effective.

  • Make sure the seam(s) are not in a location where friction will create blisters.

  • Pick a color that seems right to you. It will not affect the performance of the sock.

  • If your outfit of choice includes plus fours, argyle patterns will make a statement that you are all in on the fashions of that era.

When Should Socks be Replaced?

Any sort of rip, tear or hole in a sock means it should be discarded as soon as practical. Also, socks that are stretched significantly out of shape should be replaced as they can easily get bunched up inside the shoe. This ultimately causes blisters and significant discomfort. Finally, a new pair of golf shoes means it’s time for new socks. New shoes need new socks. Be sure to buy several pairs when buying socks. is the perfect place to get all the clothing and equipment you need. Need a whole new set of sticks? We’ve got a tremendous selection. Get your shoes and hats so you are well dressed from head to toe. Be sure to check out our sales too. Our customer service is second to none so call us with any questions!