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Mens Golf Hats

There are many health benefits of playing golf. Walking the course covers miles of terrain (depending on how far you stray from the fairway.) Stretching and flexing allows extremities to stay limber. But being in the sun for several hours does carry one risk factor: the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Men’s golf hats are designed to deflect at least some of those rays. And for those who may be, uh, a bit thin on top, a hat is even more important. The protection hats provide is a necessity, not an option.
TravisMathew El Capitan Mens Hat
Sold Out
Titleist Diego Mens Golf Hat
Sold Out
Callaway Golf Happens Mens Golf Hat
Callaway Golf Happens Mens Golf Hat


$19.99 - $29.99

Swannies Delta Navy Mens Golf Hat
Sold Out
TravisMathew Honourable Mention Mens Hat
Sold Out
J. Lindeberg Angus Mens Golf Cap
Sold OutSale
J. Lindeberg Angus Mens Golf Cap

J. Lindeberg

$24.50 $35.00

TravisMathew Jacked Mens Hat
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TravisMathew Jacked Mens Hat



TravisMathew Party Parrot Mens Hat
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5 Benefits of Wearing a Hat

  1. Deflect the sun’s damaging rays: different designs are more or less effective. Look for caps that specifically note some sort of SPF protection if this is your priority.

  2. Absorb perspiration: many caps have built in sweat absorbing bands that come in contact with the skin. Others are made entirely from fabrics dedicated to this task.

  3. Ventilate heat: some caps use mesh fabrics to keep the golfer cool. While not as effective at sun protection, they do provide a measure of protection while keeping the golfer comfortable.

  4. Product endorsement: perhaps you are a fan of a particular brand. This is a great way to show it off.

  5. Showing a sense of style: with so many colors and styles available, everyone ought to find one that fits their style, mood or desired look.

How Do Hats Fit?

  • Some hats come in different sizes just like other hats.

  • Many hats use stretchy fabrics. Those hats advertised as “one size fits most” will usually have very comfortable fabrics that will stretch to conform to most men’s heads.

  • Adjustable fit bands. These are often plastic and in the back of the cap and provide a wide array of adjustments so you can get it exactly the way you like it. Some will use a buckle system to allow infinite adjustments.

Other Hat Features

  • Antimicrobial fabrics: After a long day in the heat, sometimes hats will get stuffed into a bag while still damp. In particular the band coming into contact with the forehead benefits if it is antimicrobial.

  • Built in ball marker: A few hats build a magnet into the brim of the hat in order to hold a ball marker.

  • Waterproof fabric: Sometimes called “storm” hats, these are a huge benefit when that afternoon thunderstorm pops up.

  • Making a statement: Some caps replace the front logo with a statement. Find one that fits your personality on the course.

  • Perforated fabric: Punching holes in the fabric improves air circulation and improves cooling effects.

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