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Blue Tees

The now deceased former President Gerald Ford once said, “I know I’m getting better at golf because I’m hitting fewer spectators.” President Ford didn't have access to a Blue Tees Golf rangefinder back in the 1970's but perhaps they could have improved his golf game with all the advanced technology packed into their laser rangefinders.

Perhaps you are asking yourself "Is Blue Tees a good brand?" There are brands that spend more on marketing and advertising, but it would be very difficult to find a rangefinder that is higher quality at the price placed on either series of Blue Tees Golf Rangefinders.

Blue Tees Series 2 Golf Rangefinder
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Blue Tees The Ringer Handheld Golf GPS
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Blue Tees The Player Magnetic Speaker
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Blue Tees Golf clearly believes in the philosophy that the most important shot in golf is your next shot as their golf rangefinders will give you an accurate number for your approach shots despite an elevation change or other challenges. Being able to simplify your club selection because you know the distance to your target with absolute precision is a goal for every golfer.

Blue Tees Rangefinder Performance

So how does Blue Tees Golf do it? How does a laser rangefinder with all the features that Blue Tees packs in, create such accurate readings and for such a value price?

Tour Level Distance Range

With up to 900 yards in range, you will find the accurate number for your shot within a single yard as the margin of error. A basic good rangefinder will have a much shorter range which helps to differentiate Blue Tees Golf products.

Adjustable EZ Optic Focus

It doesn't matter if you have 20/20 vision, or wear contacts or glasses or even sunglasses, if you can't focus the range finder on your target, your readings won't be accurate. Blue Tees Golf produces a crisp image on their HD display (or better) with ease.

Slope Feature

Unless you play on perfectly flat land, sooner or later you will need a slope function to adjust for the terrain. With a slope reading you will be able to adjust to a slightly longer shot for uphill play and to a shorter shot for a downhill fairway.

Slope technology from a Blue Tees Golf rangefinder will give you that "plays like" distance you need to grab the right club from the golf cart. That "slope yardage" can easily mean you carry a water hazard while your fellow golfers plunk ball after ball into that score inflating hazard.

Toggle Switch

The slope adjustment feature is typically not allowed in tournament play (and definitely not on the PGA tour) so Blue Tees Golf has thoughtfully made it easy and simple to switch this feature on and off in the Blue Tees Golf Series 3. Depending on the model, The Blue Tees Golf Series 2 may or may not have this feature.

Mode Button

The mode button is conveniently located on all the Blue Tees Series' rangefinders.

Continuous Scan Mode

When you first power up a Blue Tees Golf laser rangefinder you will see a display of the distance to wherever you are aiming the rangefinder. This continuous arc technology is especially valuable when trying to decide from various targets.

For instance, if you know your maximum length from the fairway is 225 yards, you may need to pick out a particular landing spot rather than hitting all the way to the green.

Golf Mode

This mode is the second setting and will allow you to lock onto the flag stick. When you do so, you have to be careful that you are actually focused on the flag and not on a tree in the background.

Vibration Feature

Blue Tees Golf understands you want to know the distance to the stick when you are actually focused on it. So, they have a short pulse vibration sent to your hands when you clearly have the flag.

Speed Mode

On models with three modes, the mode switch will also take you to a Speed Mode that is designed to track the speed of the golf ball. However, this feature is mostly used by Blue Tees Golf customers who hunt.

Advanced Flag Lock

In order to be an accurate rangefinder, it is critical to know you are actually focusing on the flag as you prepare to make your club selection. On some models, the device will actually lock onto the flag when you aim at it. This kind of easy access to the most important technology makes the experience of using Blue Tees Golf Series 2 and 3 exactly what you expect from a top-of-the-line company.

Other Attractive Features

Water Resistant Exterior

The outside of Blue Tees Golf Series 2 and 3 models is the perfect blend of style and substance. While they look great, they also are very happy in poor weather conditions. Being water resistant is important so that the technology inside is not exposed to elements that can damage the device.

Magnetic Strap

The Blue Tees Golf Series 3 has a magnet built in to attach it to a convenient place on the cart allowing simple access and preventing it from banging around which could damage the unit. With the Series 2, you might need to pick up the strap to accomplish the same objective.

Premium Packaging

Let's face it, these devices are going to get banged around before they arrive in your household. The premium packaging provided by Blue Tees protects their products better than you might find with other brands.

Lens Cleaning Cloth

Even Blue Tees Golf lenses will get smudged or dirty over time. The microfiber cloth they provide is highly useful for those times where fingerprints or other messy things can obscure the lens.

Attachable Strap

The golf world sometimes consists of some very uneven terrain. While you are trying to get a good fix on the distance to your target, having the strap around your wrist is a good way to insure it doesn't get away from you. If it were to land in a water hazard or fall off a steep cliff, well, even Blue Tees Golf can't guarantee it will survive.

Two Batteries

Most Blue Tees Golf products include at least two batteries one of which is in the battery compartment ready for you to unwrap.

More Good Things

Blue Tees Series 2 and 3 include some more useful stuff:

  1. Ergonomic shape.

  2. Easy grip rubberized exterior.

  3. Instruction booklet.

  4. D ring clip.

  5. Power button.

  6. Two-year warranty.

  7. 60-day money back guarantee.

  8. They even come in different colors!

Is There a Premium Price?

Here is the best news of all. Even though the quality is premium, the price is way below competing products. It truly is a great value for such an amazingly high-quality group of products.

It gets better yet. Sometimes, Blue Tees Series 2 and 3 will go on sale. If you find either Blue Tee Series 2 or 3 on sale, this is an opportunity to jump on immediately.

Comparing Blue Tees Series 2 to Series 3

Series 3 is certainly the latest and is jam packed with all the amazing technology Blue Tees has to offer. But Series 2 has most of what is in Series 3 but not everything. Either Series is a fantastic value for the money.

The Perfect Gift?

Sometimes it is hard to buy gifts for the golf fanatic in your household. But a rangefinder is a great idea for many reasons.

  1. It is always the right size and color.

  2. Most golfers do not have one - yet.

  3. If they bought a rangefinder as recently as three years ago, the technology has improved so much that getting a new one will be an upgrade.

  4. They will make every golfer better and shave strokes off their scores.

  5. Equipment like putters and drivers are really subject to the way an individual plays the game and how they swing the club.

  6. Rangefinders are easy to wrap and ship as they come in compact packaging.

  7. Blue Tees is a value priced, premium brand making them affordable for many golfers.

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