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Golf Clubs

For some people, buying golf clubs is a mystery requiring the skills of Sherlock Holmes to unravel. The good news is, there are lots of resources available to you from your friends at to help you get the best golf clubs for the best price.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge
Sold Out
Odyssey DFX Putter



TaylorMade Stealth Driver
TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Taylor Made

$479.99 $579.99

Cobra LTDx MAX Black-Pink Womens Fairway Wood
Sold OutSale
Wilson Infinite Putter

Wilson Golf


Callaway Epic Super Hybrid
Sold OutSale
Callaway Epic Super Hybrid


$269.97 $399.95

Wilson Staff Model Wedge

Wilson Golf


Callaway Mavrik 22 Irons
Sold Out
Callaway Mavrik 22 Irons



We all want to play the best we can when we get to the golf course and golf clubs are the most important golf equipment decision you can make for your game. The most important thing with golf is to have fun and a new set of golf clubs can help you have more fun! Read on for some great information but be sure to checkout our Learning Center for awesome tips for new and experienced golfers.

Know Your Ability

This is really the easiest part. But honesty is key. If you play all the time and have a single digit handicap, your needs for golf clubs will be dramatically different from the weekend golfer shooting over 100 consistently.

The average male in the US who has a golf handicap has a handicap in the range of 14 to 16 which means he will shoot in the mid to high 80's on a GOOD day on a typical golf course. Yet we know that many golfers fail to ever break 90 and many, many golfers have no handicap at all.

Factors like age, overall conditioning and any physical challenges faced by the golfer must always be taken into account too. So there is no such thing as the absolute truth about what is an "average" skill level.

The average woman in the US with a handicap will have a golf handicap around 29.

Know Exactly What You Need

OK, you want your golf clubs to have you playing a round with a score roughly equal to Tiger's. No matter what price you pay for your sticks, that is unlikely even with the top brands.

Complete Set of New Golf Clubs

Complete sets of golf clubs will include all or most of the following: Driver, fairway wood or woods, hybrid or hybrids, irons, wedge or wedges, and a putter. Sets are often a great way for juniors, women, and beginners to get a full outfit at a bargain price.

A golf bag may be included. Usually golf balls and other equipment you will want for the course will not be included.

New Driver


A driver is designed to hit the ball the farthest and is usually hit off of a tee. As a general rule, drivers are the longest golf club in the bag so you will want a head cover for it to keep it from being damaged.

If you are having trouble getting distance off the tee or if you have trouble keeping the golf ball in the fairway a new driver is a golf club you should consider. See our Learning Center discussion for a detailed explanation.

Fairway Woods

A fairway wood is a golf club that looks like a small driver. They come numbered from 2 to 5. These woods are easier to swing than a driver, but they don't go as far.

The higher the number the shorter and higher the ball will fly off these golf clubs. These golf clubs will help your game from the short grass as the shots from these clubs will travel farther than irons.

Our Learning Center has lots of detail for you to review.

 #3 Hybrid

Golf Club Hybrids

As the name implies, hybrids have characteristics of woods and irons. Numbered like irons, they are a bit heftier than irons but not as big as woods.

Intermediate level golfers may have a fairway wood or two as well as a hybrid or two - particularly as replacements for 3 to 5 irons. They can be easier to hit than the long irons. We discuss hybrids here.

Irons for any Golf Course

Irons are numbered from 3 to 9 with higher numbers used to strike the ball shorter but higher. Pros will sometimes pound a 1 or 2 iron and these are sometimes referred to as driving irons as they will usually keep the ball low - but they are very hard to use for the average golfer.

They might have steel shafts or graphite shafts with graphite being lighter weight. There can be a significant price difference between the two.

Clubs golf pros hit will go significantly farther than the typical golf player. Distance is a function of many variables including your swing speed and pros can control a faster swing speed than other golfers.

Irons come in different lengths so you will want to see our extensive discussion on irons to understand concepts like perimeter weighting and sizing before making a purchase. These are not one size fits all.

Right Handed Wedge


Wedges are designed to launch the ball high with spin to get it to stop close to the flag. These golf clubs will take a beating as they are used to get the ball out of sand and other hazards.

Some private golf clubs have plenty of sand traps while other do not. Desert courses often have waste areas where you are likely hitting a sand wedge.

Terminology can be confusing. A pitching wedge or a gap wedge will be a golf club with less loft than a sand wedge. As our detailed article points out, the loft angle is the most important thing to understand about these golf clubs.

Mallet Putter


The putter is probably the most used golf club in the bag. There are infinite variations with many shaft lengths, head configurations and a huge range in price.

Players are constantly searching for the perfect putters. It is not unusual for golfers to purchase many putters in their lifetimes as their game evolves.

A blade putter is the simplest design, and they continue to be popular equipment particularly due to their low cost. How the club feels in your hands is critically important. Checkout this additional detail.

What are the Top Brands of Golf Clubs?

The best brand for you is the brand that feels good to you. Brands like Titleist, Cleveland, Callaway and Cobra are well known but there is plenty to choose from when it comes time to purchase a quality golf club or clubs.

Manufacturers are constantly coming out with brand new products at all kinds of price points. Deciding what equipment to buy should be a fun experience as you learn all the various options. But it is not as fun as actually playing the game. Nothing can beat that!

How to Find Discount Golf Clubs

If you have champaign tastes in golf clubs but have to operate on a beer budget (not always a bad thing) you should be sure to look for a great price on clearance golf clubs on our sale website. Your golf game will improve with new clubs but finding them on sale is like scoring a double eagle!

The other thing you can do when looking for a golf clubs discount is to shop for quality pre-owned clubs. These are often gently used, and this is really an overlooked way to buy golf clubs at a substantially below market price. This list is always changing so check this site often.

Golf Gear and More has a huge selection of clubs golf pros and amateurs alike can choose from. In addition to your next, best golf club, be sure to complete your shopping by picking up the perfect apparel and accessories for your next round.

You also need golf shoes to give you the traction, comfort and water repelling features to make your outfit complete. Have questions? Contact our trained, professional, customer service staff.

Curbside pickup is available if you are in SE Michigan.