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Used Golf Clubs

OK, so your golf clubs are 10 years old and you know you need a new set. Your competitors in your golf league are starting to make jokes about you playing with a set of antiques and you know that golf club technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. One of the options you should explore is to buy a set of used golf clubs.

Golf can be an expensive game to play and golf clubs used by someone else can be a very smart way of making golf accessible to newer players. Making the investment in a set of pre-owned golf clubs is one way to buy clubs of the highest quality for a discounted price.

Used Top Flite 3 Fariway Wood 26551
Sold Out

Where do we get pre-owned golf clubs?

Trade In Clubs

There is a very active group of golfers who like to get brand new clubs regularly. There are plenty of reasons for this:

Skill Level Changes

Golfers who work hard on their game by playing all the time and by taking lessons should see improvements. There are some top brands who cater to more advanced players so as a golfer improves, they will want to trade up to those clubs.

Desire to Improve a Certain Part of their Game

Maybe a player has developed a problem hitting off the tee. They don't need an iron set as their old clubs are just fine for them. But they want to trade in their woods to work on that aspect of their games.

Retiring From the Golf Course

As hard as it is to believe, there are customers of ours who have to give up golf. Maybe a career change is taking up all their time or they have physical challenges that make golf impossible.

Demo Golf Clubs

Manufacturers often have clubs at driving ranges, private clubs and stores for players to experiment with. All our customers who want to use a golf club before purchase can use our demonstration area, but those clubs then become used clubs.

You can take advantage of a small scratch and get a significant discount since we can't sell damaged clubs as new. A small nick will not impact how a club plays.

Manufacturer's Defects

Occasionally, golf club makers with exacting standards for their equipment will have a small defect coming out of the manufacturing process. When we get them, we can offer them as promotions or as pre-owned golf clubs passing the savings on to our customer for what is often a simple cosmetic issue.

What to look for in pre-owned clubs

In our ongoing effort to provide only gently used clubs, we take reasonable efforts that the pre-owned clubs in our inventory are clubs that we would play with when we get on the course. Here are some tips of things to look for:

Drivers and Fairway Woods

New Callaway Driver for Women

The face may have some marks on it, but dents are a problem that would impact your shots. Also check the bottom for any excessive wear.

Individual Irons and Sets

New Cleveland Irons

The key here are the grooves. While minor distortions are unlikely to make any difference to the average golfer, massive changes to the grooves do impact the play of a pre-owned club.

Top Brands

Titleist Wedge

Brand new products from the top brands are expensive for a reason: they have the biggest research budgets, use the best quality materials and are most likely to be your best value as you shop. If you can buy Callaway, Cleveland, or Titleist (for example) at a sale like price your shopping can likely stop right there.

Fantastic Customer Service is very proud of our in-house golf experts for their friendly advice. Call us with questions! Our in-stock items ship promptly.

Don't forget to shop for all your golf needs over and above pre-owned clubs such as shoes, bags and the largest selection of golf apparel around. If you are searching for the best prices online, we are your go to site. Join our email to hear about other offers and sales to help you save money.