Golf Hybrid Buying Guide –

Golf Hybrid Buying Guide

The hybrid is becoming one of the most popular clubs in the game of golf. It serves as one of the best substitutes to replace long irons in the golfers golf bag and can be a great benefit on the course.

Loft of Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrids show their versatility with how many different lofts the club can play with and the ability to substitute the club with several different irons and fairway woods. An adjustable head is also available to help golfers move between different lofts and shift through these three types of lofted hybrids.

Low lofted hybrid clubs

A low lofted hybrid ranges from 14 to 17 degrees and usually will rival the fairway wood or longer irons like the 2 iron. This type of hybrid allows the golfer to have maximum forgiveness, along with it being easier to hit the golf ball whether it be from the rough or the fairway.

Moderate lofted hybrid clubs

The moderately lofted hybrid golf club will range from 18 to 22 degrees and is the most commonly found range of hybrids found on the course. This loft range will have far more comparison to the long iron, more specifically the 3 iron and 4 iron. A moderate lofted hybrid will give golfers a reliable club for the in-between yardages that lay between a 3 wood and 4 iron, the most common gap in a golfers bag.

High lofted hybrid clubs

This is where the hybrid club has evolved tremendously to give golfers a substitution for the betterment of their game. The high lofted hybrid has a loft anywhere from 24 to 32 degrees. This loft provides golfers with a lot of flexibility, especially to those that struggle hitting the 5 iron or 6 iron. This can be the right hybrid to help any golfer get more consistency in their long game.

Hybrid golf club shaft

The hybrid golf shaft is something that is often confused by buyers and is overlooked. Many believe that the hybrid should act like a fairway wood because of how it looks, but that is not the case. A hybrid acts much more like an iron, and a shaft should be treated the same as an iron shaft. If you are using a regular flex iron, use a regular flex hybrid, and the same goes for stiff shafts.

Fairway Wood vs Hybrid

This is a very common question to ask when analyzing which golf club to choose. Both of these clubs look similar with their head shape and size. While they look similar, there are a lot of differences between the two, with the first being distance. A 3 wood will always go farther than any hybrid loft, as well as the 5 wood usually being a father distanced club. There are some low lofted hybrids that can rival the wood.

Hybrids are easier to hit, which makes them a more popular option rather than hitting a wood. Hybrids have a shorter shaft length that can lead to more consistent swing planes, resulting in better contact and accuracy throughout the swing. A difference in center of gravity will allow the hybrid to give a golfer the ability to hit the ball with more ball flight in many different settings.

What makes a Hybrid different?

Hybrids have some very unique characteristics that set it apart from woods and irons. The hybrid club has a head shape similar to that of drivers and fairway woods but slightly smaller. It can be used to replace long irons, or a higher lofted fairway wood. The versatility this club has makes it a viable substitution for woods and irons.

Why should I use a hybrid?

If you want to improve your performance on the golf course, many golfers and even some professional golfers, have found success using hybrids. With new technology and features, the consistency this club provides will have players that struggle with longer clubs more in control of their ability to hit the ball. Improve your game and hit better shots with this rescue club.

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