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Golf Belts

Ah, the underappreciated golf belt. The best golf belts are there to hold your pants up, but there is much more to this important piece of clothing.

It used to be easy to buy a golf belt, but those days have changed. After checking reviews and researching brands, finding a comfortable belt to wear on the golf course will depend on the features you want and need.

Golf Belt Features

The good news is you have lots of choices when you shop for a belt. The bad news is you have lots of choices when you shop for the best belt for you. 

Leather Belt vs. Other Materials

The classic look for golf belts has always been to use leather. It is strong, durable, good looking and can take any kind of buckle design you can imagine.

But leather doesn't stretch much if at all, and it may represent a style for some that is too "old school." But the biggest concern with it is price. Sometimes there are deals on price that can help save money.

Other material like an Elastane blend belt offers the ability to stretch on account of its high-quality synthetic fibers. In addition, the ability to have limitless designs make synthetics uniquely able to present a style that is specific to every outfit.

One Size vs. Standard Sizes

One size golf belts can be infinitely adjusted to any waist size. This has several advantages including being adjustable to a golfer's weight fluctuations over the course of a golf season and the ability to fit well if the person is in between sizes.

The main disadvantage is that this category of golf belts can get stretched out of shape. Because they are crafted for flexibility, a consumer may find the location grasped by the buckle may and probably will get out of shape over time.

Single size belts can be braided leather or woven cotton or synthetic. Sometimes they can be a bit of a challenge to get through the belt loops depending on weather they are narrow or wide. Wearing them is never wrong and can be a sign of a fashion-conscious golfer.

Reversible Golf Belt Styles

A reversible golf belt is often seen in an upscale brand. Since they can be more difficult to make, the price may be a bit higher.

Having a belt with two different designs or colours expands the belt's ability to match the golf pants or shorts being worn on the links that day. These golf belts may last a bit longer too as no one side will be completely worn out quickly.


A metal buckle will have the greatest durability. Metal will increase the weight of golf belts and will set off metal detectors in airports and other locations with security measures in place.

Plastic and other non-metallic buckles may reduce the price a bit. However, because they last so much longer, metal is far and away the preferred construction.


Every colour is out there like the traditional black and brown with navy blue and various other patterns and designs available for you to search for. You can refine your search in any direction so you can refresh your look as you see fit.

Golf Belts on the PGA Tour

While there is no requirement for a tour pro to wear a belt, they almost all opt to do so. Their game does not need the distraction of sagging clothing.

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