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Golf Bag Buying Guide

A golf bag is seemingly one of the most essential pieces of equipment a golfer will need on the course. Making sure you have a bag to fit your needs will go a long way into feeling more comfortable on the golf course. Make sure you know what to look for in a golf bag, and what you will need for the golf course.

Types of Golf Bags

There are many different types of golf bags that are available to every golfer. Each golf bag has a different way to benefit a player on the course. There are Cart bags, carry bags/stand bags, Sunday bags, and staff bags. All can play a different role and all can be of benefit to each individual golfer.

Cart Bag

A cart bag is specifically designed for carrying in a golf cart. This bag is not designed for walkers on the course as the bag will be fairly large but will fit comfortably on an electric or push cart. The cart bag is going to be much more sturdy than a carry or stand bag and much higher priced due to the strong material it is made with. Cart bags will also have more pockets and the ability to carry more in the bag.

Stand Bag/Carry Bag

Golf stand bags and carry bag is the same thing and their names can be used interchangeably. A golf stand bag features solid legs that extend and collide consistently. Several separate compartments keep your club in place and enough pockets for a complete set of golf clubs, water bottles, umbrellas, golf balls. Light weight and having stand legs to keep your bag upright these bags are by far among the most popular among players who prefer walking and carrying their golf bags.

Sunday Bag

A Sunday bag is the right golf bag for players who want to descale their golf bag and not take their entire golf bag full of clubs with them. This type of golf bag is designed for specialty rounds of golf, where not all of a golfers clubs will be used. Sunday bags will only carry around 8 golf clubs, making it much lighter in weight and easier to carry. The Sunday bag is for bare essentials for the non typical round of golf.

Staff Bag

Do you want to have a bag like the tour professionals? You can have that professional look with a staff bag. The largest type of bags is the staff bag usually 10 inches wide (and weighing up to 45lb). The bag is very big, and will have a lot of important features that can accommodate many different things like extra clothing. Staff bags also have multiple pockets for easy access to store a cell phone, water bottle, and other small items golfers do not want to carry while they play.

Travel bag

A golf travel bag is designed to carry a Golf bag while traveling, the two types being hard and soft travel bags. With a hard travel bag, the outside of the case is solid and heavier than other travel accessories you may find. The soft cases are more geared towards storage and the soft pouch will be more user friendly. It is also important to have a travel case which can be easily carried with luggage at airports or hotels. The soft luggage will be padded while giving great protection but in an lighter alternative to hard case.

Soft Travel Bags

Soft golf bag materials allow for coverage while traveling to protect your clubs with a lighter cover. Soft baggage usually arrive with inline skating wheels for smooth and easy rolling at airports and hotel parking lots alike. Club Glove luggage carries added layers of protection and additional room to keep clothing and other essentials.

Hard Travel Bags

With its durable body made of hard material this travel bag offers the ultimate protection for golf clubs. The tough side travel case is extremely solid and features a curved aluminum valance with large lock-latch locks that guarantee you and TSA can access it without damage. Golf Travel Bag also has two premium quality lift handles making its ability to be moved around more manageable during travel.

How do I find the right golf bag for me?

There is a lot that goes into this question, but after reading above, it is important to identify which of the different types will fit your needs. Golf bags are always going to be personal preference. If you prefer to walk, it might be better to look into carry bags. If you never are going to walk then cart golf bags are probably a more suitable option. If you are in between, stand golf bags can be the hybrid you are looking for in a new golf bag.

Golf Bag FAQ's

Q) How much do golf bags normally cost?

A) Golf bags will range anywhere from $75 on the low end and up to $400 on the high end. You are very capable of getting a golf bag at a middle price of $125-200, but it eventually will boil down to what kind of features you want in your own bag.

Q) Are golf bags waterproof?

A) Typically golf bags are not waterproof, although many will have an additional cover piece to cover your clubs while it is raining to keep your golf clubs safe. There is such a thing as a waterproof bag, in very special customizations. If you are someone who likes to play golf in the rain, you will need all the rain gear necessary and a waterproof bag might be the best golf bag for you.

Q) What bag do I need for a push cart?

A) The answer to this question is quite simple, it doesn't matter! Both stand and cart bags will be sufficient for a pull cart.

Q) How many dividers does a bag have?

A) Typically there are five different ways a golf bag can have its dividers set up to help you store your clubs. Golf bags can be found in a 4 way, 6 way, 10 way, 14 way, or 15 way. This just indicates how many holes the golf bag will have to put your clubs into.

Q) How many pockets does a bag have?

A) In today's times all the bags have a lot of pockets, and will have specific pockets for specific items (ball pocket, apparel pockets, etc.). Ultimately, assess what you want to store in your bag on the course and make the decision of how many pockets you will look for on one bag when you look to purchase a new bag.


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