Utility Clubs

Utility golf clubs are something that can be seen far more often on the golf course as they become more popular amongst most golfers. Utility golf clubs are a great substitution club for several different clubs that are hit in the round of golf.

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What is a utility club?

A utility club has been mistaken as a hybrid, but they have evloved into a different type of golf club. Utility clubs can be multiple things, one version looking like an iron that can be a substitute for longer irons, fairway woods, or even the best hybrid itself. 

Another use can be for shots hit low near the greens like a bump and run due to its easy turf interaction and flat face. 

For recreational golfers and improving strokes

Utility clubs and hybrid clubs have recently added to the pantheon of golf clubs. They are specially designed and engineered to make them more accessible for the recreational golfer than long irons. The majority of professional golfers have also incorporated a few of these to their bags using each year increased mobility swing and control to move the balls along the fairway. The terms "utility clubs" and "hybrid clubs" are commonly used interchangeably for clubs that encapsulate elements of both the wood and the iron with one other. It. They were often called rescue clubs.

Hybrids vs Utility Irons

These two are different because hybrids have a wood-like fairway profile that allows them to move the center of gravity below and deep behind the head of the club. Dies promotes greater launch and extra spin, a characteristic of playing a lower and relatively slow stroke. 

Uses of Utility golf clubs

Utility irons are a great substitue for a driver or fairway wood when a layup off the tee is necessary. A favorable center of gravity allows these irons to have a higher launch angle and more versatility.

Like hybrids, the utility club can be used well around the green to improve a players short game. Although, it may be hard to spin the ball with the club but it will almost feel like putting from off of the green to help consistency.

Utility golf clubs ball speed

A steel face, and a long irons like feel, allows for these clubs to give a golfer good distance and strong performance to play as a substitute to other clubs like a hybrid. It is a club that is more popular in a players bag so they can shape their way around the course.

Loft of Utility Golf Clubs

It all depends on which type of utility irons a player wants to swing, but traditionally a utility iron can be seen around an 18 degree lofted club.


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