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Fairway Woods

The fairway wood has gained immense popularity amongst golfers due to the versatility fairway woods are now offering players. A new fairway wood can open up a lot of different shots for any level of player. We have the best prices as well as the top brands on the market to choose from. Let us help you find the best woods to ensure you are getting the most out of this club at the best price.

Cobra LTDx MAX Black-Pink Womens Fairway Wood
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TaylorMade SLDR Silver Womens Fairway Wood
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Wilson Launch Pad 2 Womens Fairway Wood
Wilson Launch Pad 2 Womens Fairway Wood

Wilson Golf

$99.99 $219.99

Choosing a Wood

There are several different types of fairway woods to choose from. Figuring out what fairway woods to put in your own bag is interesting, but an important question to ask and figure out. Traditionally, many players usually will only feature a 3 or 5 woods in their bag. Some players have elected to start using a high lofted wood like a 7 or 9 wood to replace long irons.  Each type has a different loft, but the head shape will be very similar.

Fairway Woods Shafts 

Woods have very similar shaft styles to other golf club styles. Fairway woods can have both graphite shafts as well as steel shafts. Both shaft types have similar quirks about them that give benefits to players. With a graphite shaft, the wood will be light weight which will allow the golfer to increase their clubhead speed to obtain maximum distance. A steel shaft are for a player that swings the club harder more naturally and is trying to reduce twisting that would occur using a graphite shaft.

Fairway Wood compared to Hybrids

For starters, fairway woods are typically going to get more distance than a hybrid. A hybrid though, is usually better in tighter lies and has more loft options. Both clubs have fairly shallow heads helping the golfer from over swinging but still making consistent contact. While the heads are similar, fairway woods have a larger clubhead. 

Fairway woods vs Long Irons

Normally the fairway woods and long irons don't overlap, but it is possible to want to use a higher lofted wood in place of a longer iron. A smaller sweet spot on an iron makes it harder to pure, and a woods lie angle can make a golfer feel more comfortable addressing the ball. All in all, these clubs will very rarely overlap.

Difficulty of hitting fairway woods

Fairway woods are very versatile and give players far more options on the golf course. Fairway woods can be used off the tee in place of drivers due to the increased forgiveness the club has in relation to a driver. With a hard enough swing speed better players are able to hit the golf ball with more power and get very good distance out of these clubs allowing for the ability to do more. Modern materials have given woods the ability to be an easy hitting alternative to a driver. 

What to look for when buying fairway woods?

Start by viewing our buying guide to get more information about everything you will need to know to make sure you are playing your best on the golf course. As much in the sport, a lot has to do with how the clubs feel and what the players take into account when comparing clubs against one another. 

Shop Fairway Woods

Search our site for all the top brands including Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, and more. We have something that will fit everyone's needs. 


If you need any help in your search of a new fairway wood, our golf experts are available to help Monday-Friday 9-5.  Call us @ 833.238.8800.  

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