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Mens Adidas Golf Pants

Most men realize they are not Clark Kent and aren't Superman in disguise. However, thanks to Adidas mens golf pants, they can look their super best anytime they please.

Golf pants sometimes have to do triple duty. They have to look like they belong in the office, on the golf course, and while having drinks and dinner out. Adidas is a brand with a reputation to protect so they make pants to look super in all these places - and more.

Adidas Ultimate365 Classic Mens Golf Pants
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Adidas Ultimate365 Classic Mens Golf Pants

Adidas Golf


  • Grey Two
  • Raw Gold
  • Grey Five
Adidas Adicross Five-Pocket Mens Golf Pants
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Adidas Adipure Five-Pocket Navy Mens Golf Pants

Adidas Golf


  • Collegiate Navy
Adidas Fall Weight Mens Golf Pants

Adidas Golf


  • Collegiate

Why Buy Mens Golf Pants by Adidas?

Top Quality Fabrics

Adidas golf pants rely on the best fabrics to look good and have a strong set of extra benefits. Many brands would be content to produce golf pants just for the course but Adidas fabrics have that "look good anywhere" reputation so valued by the customer.

Moisture Resisting

Sometimes the elements conspire against you. Therefore, many Adidas golf pants are constructed with moisture repelling results. You might even see these pants out in a hard rain one minute and out shopping with the significant other at a different time.

Sun Blocking

With SPF of up to 50, Adidas golf pants are the sort of brand that can multipurpose. You can search for any brand of new premium golf pants, but you are unlikely to find sun protection as part of the design of the product other than with Adidas.


You might search for new golf pants that can carry your tees, extra golf balls and assorted golf tools, but Adidas golf pants will often have 5 pockets to carry all your stuff. Not only that, but their pockets have rugged construction that is designed to prevent rips or develop holes.

Different Styles

You pick the conservative color and Adidas golf pants is the brand to give you the product you want. Most men want pants that will match other Adidas golf product like their shirts and socks.

If you want a classic brand that has a classic look, you have come to the right place. But you might want the sort of pants that come in a more casual style such as joggers. 

What Size?

Adidas slacks come in lots of sizes with a huge variety of waist and inseam options that will fit most men. Their pants are simply a product that will help you look sharp in any setting.

What About Price?

Adidas represents a great value for the price. These premium pants are sure to give you many years of great wear - on the course and off - for a price that is comparable to what you would find in any high end golf shop either at your club or any premium website.

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