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Asics Golf Shoes

The company that brought you the industry gold standard with Asics running shoes, also brings you the incredibly comfortable Asics golf shoes. If you are familiar with their products, you know that their trademark is shock absorption and golfers will find this trait discussed throughout their reviews.

A pair of these are especially useful for walking 18 holes as a good player will cover about three miles and the golfer who, um, hits the ball all over the course could walk six miles. So having a golf shoe that is focused on maximum comfort will really make the after round beverages just that much more pleasant.

Asics GEL-Course Ace Womens Golf Shoes
Sold Out
Asics GEL-Course Ace Mens Golf Shoes
Sold OutSale
Asics GEL-Course Ace Mens Golf Shoes


$119.97 $149.99

Asics Gel Course Glide Black Mens Golf Shoes
Sold OutSale
Asics Gel Course Glide Mens Golf Shoes
Sold OutSale
Asics Gel Course Glide Mens Golf Shoes


$99.95 $129.99

Asics Gel Course Glide Purple Womens Golf Shoes
Sold OutSale
Asics Gel Course Glide Blue Mens Golf Shoes
Sold OutSale
Asics Gel Course Duo Boa White Mens Golf Shoes
Sold OutSale
Asics GEL-COURSE Duo BOA Mens Golf Shoes
Sold OutSale
Asics GEL-COURSE Duo BOA Mens Golf Shoes


$178.97 $179.99

Golf Shoes with Running Shoes Features 

Asics Gel

Strategically placed, Asics gel increases shock absorption for the straight ahead runner and the golfer looking for a comfortable golf shoe as a first priority. If your feet are in pain, your golf swing will be impacted in a negative way and Asics gel will help prevent your golf shoe from causing discomfort.

With the heel being babied by Asics gel, the rest of the foot will enjoy the carefully placed cushioning. The Gel Course Glide golf shoes for women is one of their many models that is especially lightweight even with the proprietary Asics Gel included in the heel.

If your filter for golf shoes looks for gel as a cushion, models like Asics Gel Course Glide golf shoes will be at the top of your list. Their willingness to include gel is a sign of their desire to make footwear you will want to wear all day long.

Flytefoam Technology

Arches are important in golf shoes - not just a certain fast food chain. This company understands how arches need to provide stability as well as comfort.

Asics golf shoes understand that a golf course will have uneven terrain and that stability in this uneven terrain can be tough to find in many golf shoes. The mid-sole foam is the key to their stability.

Internal Molded Heel Counter

Many of their products utilize an internal counter to keep the golfer's weight centered providing balance when you need it. As a sign of their commitment to making a comfortable product, Asics understands that balance in a golf shoe is a positive force.

Other Features

Golf Shoes with Traction

Some golfers prefer to get their traction from spikeless golf shoes while others prefer spikes. This manufacturer provides both options. Your course may have a policy on this but most courses allow both.

Some people wonder do pros wear spikeless golf shoes. There are indeed some who wear spikeless models. Justin Rose is perhaps the best known of the elite players.

Asics spiked models are very careful to strategically place the spikes where they provide the most stability and traction. 

Water Resistant Upper

No one wants wet feet on the golf course. If you buy a pair of golf shoes by Asics, the upper is specially formulated to keep wetness away from your feet.

This characteristic is often overlooked. But even the most advanced pros will find themselves in some wet areas. Players who like early morning tee times will often encounter wet turf from sprinkler systems doing their work overnight. Water hazards have been known to attract golf balls and some players have been known to go in after them. 

Integrated Quarter Panel

As part of the upper, the integrated quarter panel is designed to eliminate the friction if seams come into contact with the foot. It simply is one of those less than obvious details that Asics takes great pride in getting right as they review what consumers want in a shoe.

Amazing Insole

Golfers want that comfort but they want it with a low center of gravity. An Asics golf shoe insole provides some additional cushioning while keeping a low profile. 

Some models even have a waterproof liner creating an additional layer of protection from the elements that can ruin an otherwise great day of golf. This unique combination is a sign that you can search all over for a more advanced golf shoe and you can review all your options, but you are unlikely to find any superior to these.

Lacing System

The thoughtful design of their golf shoe includes a very unique lacing system on some models. In addition to saving some weight, it makes lacing up the golf shoe an absolute cinch.

But the big benefit of this innovation is that it gives you a "unique to you" fit that reminds you of having a customized shoe. For those who have difficulty finding a golf shoe that truly fits, this lacing system might be the answer to your needs.

Men's and Women's Shoes

Asics has models for both men and women. While they use much of the same designs as described above, the models for women are a bit lighter. There are some different colors offered too. Some brands are noted for one or the other, but the design of an Asics shoe lends itself to all golfers.

When you shop our on line store, you will find page after page of amazing values. Shop our sales to find savings on your favorites as is one store with consistently competitive prices. After you filter out the designs that do not meet your needs, your search can shift to the brands with your ideal mix of technology and style. 

While you shop here, you will find a line up of golf apparel for women and men including shorts, polos, jackets and pullovers. Our store also has all the accessories like hats and towels. Call us with any questions. Our highly trained and professional golf experts are here to help!