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Product Reviews

Based on 566 reviews
Too cute

This skirt is adorable. You can wear it with different color tops too. Lucky in Love is a great brand. I sized up for this specific style.

Love the Fabric

I love this shirt. It's the perfect length - covers just enough of the waistline and bum. The fabric is my favorite. Stretchy but not spandexy. Fitted a bit thru the arms but stylish and not tight.
Wish they made this in more colors.

Comfortable skates for beginners.

My granddaughter has a very wide foot and these are the best fit she’s ever had. Very comfortable.

Awesome skates, fast service!

Skates arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I buy ALL of my Skates from Thanks again for the WONDERFUL service!

Great buy - need better insoles

Awesome skates. They do hurt my feet like most other reviews said but I'm just gonna throw some insoles in them and call it good. Every thing else about them is great.

Great skates

Both my daughters love them. Great beginner skates.

Great Shoes

These shoes are great. They are pretty much true-to-size, however the width at the ball of the foot seems to be pretty wide. I have to wear orthotic inserts and they accommodate those fine.

She loves them

Bought these for my girlfriend. She says they are comfortable. I can see a difference in her skating compared to the rentals. Definitely recommend.

Vanilla Junior Code Unisex Roller Skates
Angel Bamba

they are good it’s just inside one of the holes to put the laces through there’s a sharp part and i it messes up the actual lace

the shorts

pretty nice, stopped soreness the next morning.

Potential to be my top paddle

Overall I really like the feel and balance of this paddle. It's 4 3/8 inch grip is great for me because I have big hands, however, I would have liked the handle to be a bit longer as I come from a tennis background and like to use two handed backhands. I think the textured surface of the paddle did a great job allowing me to keep my balls down and controlled, but I did notice that the texture is a little raised around the logo. I didn't notice this negatively affecting my game, but other paddles in this price range do not have texture differences based on the logo design. If the texture does not wear off, I believe this will be one of my top paddles.

Enjoying these skates

So far so good
Using these on a 3 mi
Riverbed track. Riverbed cement is rough and bumpy
But these wheels are so smooth that you can’t feel it .

My Search Is Over

Fantastic paddle! I couldn’t have asked for a better paddle for the price. I’ve been searching for the perfect one and here it is! Hooray! Thank you so much! I’ve tried other ones before, but this one has “up-d” my game, I think! :)

My Search Is Over

Fantastic paddle! I couldn’t have asked for a better paddle for the price. I’ve been searching for the perfect one and here it is! Hooray! Thank you so much! I’ve tried other ones before, but this one has “up-d” my game, I think! :)


Like the colors and also all of the separate pockets, helps me keep thing's organized.

My Go-To Paddle

I think the X7 paddle is a quality piece. I really like the overall "feel" of it. From how it feels holding it. The grip is very comfortable. To how the paddle feels when connecting with the pickleball…It'll be my go-to paddle.


there alright but just a little bit just a little bit... heavy... still a 10/10 for me tho

Most comfortable and quiet paddle

I am new to pickleball but have been really enjoying it. I really like this paddle by Vaught Sports. It is well made and definitely the most comfortable and quiet paddle I have used. I prefer carbon fiber rather than fiber glass for its durability and lighter weight. This X-three model has an excellent grip in the handle and offers great ball control. At 7.9 ounces it is a nice balance between speed and power. The red color is bold and vibrant. Overall I am super pleased and would recommend to others.

Sleek Design

I've been playing with this paddle for about a week now and I'm super impressed with the quality. The design is sleek, the colors are bold and the wrapping around the handle is VERY durable. I was able to play a long game without he paddle slipping out of my hand due to sweat, which what typically happens with my old paddle. I did not feel any abrasiveness from the grooves on the handle. We had a ton of fun playing pickleball and also used the paddle with a small wiffle ball at the beach. This is a quality paddle and I just ordered another one so now I will have a set.

Nothing like the old blade blx 98

I was expecting a much improved blade 98 blx which I have used for years. It was strung with same strings and tension however it was like a totally different racket. It was much lighter and less powerful . It seemed more flexible and could not handle heavy shots hit to me. The volleying was very weak and I could not generate nearly as much power and spin. It seems to flex way too much. I would not recommend this racket and stay with your old blade or change to a different model.

Great skates.

They took 10 minutes off my 10 mile route. They're harder to turn, but I expected that with the bigger wheels. I'd definately buy these again.

Very Impressed

This paddle is pretty awesome. I've played with a few times now and the face of the paddle is quality and as a beginner I hit the ball well. The handle is a perfect grip size and the actual grip I really liked, I was able to keep my swings nice and steady even with sweaty palms. I'm very impressed with this paddle.

Medium Weight & Quiet

This paddle is a light-medium weight and medium size, so definitely would be appropriate for a wide range of users. I have been playing for several years and am at the intermediate level. The paddle itself is well constructed. I scraped it against the ground numerous times, and I have sustained no damage, great edge guard. The grip is simple yet effective. It has not started to wear down in any way yet after hours of use; it is neither sticky or tattered. The paddle is a light-medium weight making ball control its strong suit. The paddle is quiet which is important to note since some courts have noise restrictions. I would definitely recommend this paddle to friends.

Quality & Great Price

I loved the paddle. The quality is amazing and the exterior material is great making hitting the ball fun. I also like the prices for such a quality product. Definitely a good purchase for me.

Great Skates

Havent been on skates in years, but used to ride all the time. These were comfortable, but also reasonably fast on a long straight paved trail. A good purchase. was great to work with.